Another new company of Ritar Group set sail! Hengyang Rich starts a new era

Lithium battery business is a major investment of Ritar Group for future projects. Starting from September 19, Ritar Group launched a solicitation for the name of its newly-established Hengyang Lithium Battery Company. It took 10 days to finally determine among the 11 alternative names: Hengyang Rich Power Co., Ltd.  —---- Rich means to start the new era of lithium battery safety application; English RICH not only matches the pronunciation of Chinese Ruiqi, but also means prosperous.

       At 10 am on October 9th, at the lithium battery conference held at the headquarters of Ritar Group, Chairman Hu Jiada presented cash awards and gifts to those who contributed and participated in the naming activities.

       At the same time, the newly-established lithium battery business team was introduced, with Xie Zuowen as the chief director, Yi Jinwen as the technical director, Xiong Weixiong as the sales director, Li Baoxing as the production leader, and various elites with rich experience in the lithium battery industry.

瑞达集团旗下又一新公司扬帆启航!衡阳瑞启开启新能源锂电池安全应用新纪元  (图1)

       Lithium battery fires and explosions have always been a problem in the industry, and RICH lithium battery's goal is to overcome this hidden safety hazard. With the core patented technology owned by the team, it has invested fully in materials, manufacturing processes, quality control, scientific research and other aspects to provide safe Lithium battery products.

瑞达集团旗下又一新公司扬帆启航!衡阳瑞启开启新能源锂电池安全应用新纪元  (图2)

        On October 9th, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced that three scientists from the United States and Japan won the 2019 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for their contributions to the research and development of lithium-ion batteries. They are John B. Goodenough, an American solid physicist, Stanley Whittingham, an English-American chemist, and Akira Yoshino, a Japanese chemist. The three scientists will split the Nobel Prize prize equally.

瑞达集团旗下又一新公司扬帆启航!衡阳瑞启开启新能源锂电池安全应用新纪元  (图3)

This is a victory for lithium batteries, this is a new era for the energy industry.

New brand, new team, new voyage.

RICH is the second startup of RITAR and the second revolution of new energy batteries.

Safety lithium battery has always been the dream of industry applications! RITAR will begin its second-time undertakin in the energy industry from safe lithium batteries!