Li-ion Battery Energy Storage System 
Li-ion Battery Energy Storage System 
  • Lithium BESS

    Li-ion Battery Energy Storage System 

    RITAR Lthium BESS is modular design of greater flexibility and scalability from kWh to MWh, adopted patent smart BMS to make sure multi-layer distributed protection, with integrated high-efficiency PCS and intelligent EMS, it is sufficient to power a household, a building, a factory, and even to supplement the grid with realized higher efficiency system and lower cost even than grid.

Technical Features

RITAR Lthium Battery is light and compact, has high capacity and energy density, low maintenance, and a long lifetime. In addition, lithium-ion batteries are easily and quickly charged and have a low self-discharge rate. 

Technical Specifications

RITAR provides flexible customized solutions according to different needs of customers.