Lead Carbon Battery
Lead Carbon Battery
Lead Carbon Battery
Lead Carbon Battery
Lead Carbon Battery
Lead Carbon Battery
Lead Carbon Battery
Lead Carbon Battery
Lead Carbon Battery
Lead Carbon Battery
  • DC-C Series

    Lead Carbon Battery

    Functional carbon and graphene materials are used

    Combining Ritar 5th Generation Pure Gel tech

    Both advantages of lead-acid battery and super capacitor

    High energy density, High power

    Fast charging, Longer cycle life

    Suitable for PSOC

Technical Features

DC-C series lead-carbon battery as Ritar Carbon technology, combining Ritar 5th Generation Pure Gel tech, uses functional activated grapheme as high level carbon materials, which are added to the negative plate of the battery to make lead carbon batteries have the advantages of both lead-acid batteries and super capacitors. It not only improves the ability of rapid charge and discharge, but also significantly  prolongs the battery life by pure Gel non-stracification protection. This product is specially designed for daily cycle charging and discharging, and backup floating charging is not allowed. This series of batteries are more suitable for PSOC working conditions of energy storage applications.

Application scope

◆ household energy storage system

◆ smart grid and micro grid system

◆ distributed energy storage system

◆ solar and wind energy storage system

◆ solar power generation and off grid energy storage system

◆ combined energy storage system of generator set and battery pack


Technical Specifications

ModelNominal Voltage            (V)Capacity  Dimension Terminal
(Ah) LengthWidthHeightTotal Height
DC12-75C1275C20/1.75VPC26010.24 1696.65 2118.31 2168.50 F15(M6) / F11(M6)
DC12-100C12100C20/1.75VPC32812.91 1726.77 2158.46 2208.66 F5(M8) / F12(M8)
DC12-150C12150C20/1.75VPC48319.02 1706.69 2419.49 2419.49 F5(M8) / F12(M8)
DC12-175C12175C20/1.75VPC53220.94 2078.15 2148.43 2198.62 F16(M8) / F12(M8)
DC12-200C12200C20/1.75VPC52220.55 2409.45 2198.62 2248.82 F16(M8) / F10(M8)
DC12-225C12225C20/1.75VPC52220.55 2409.45 2198.62 2248.82 F16(M8) / F10(M8)
DC2-200C2200C10/1.80VPC1706.69 1064.17 33012.99 34213.46 F10(M8)
DC2-300C2300C10/1.80VPC1706.69 1505.91 33012.99 34213.46 F10(M8)
DC2-400C2400C10/1.80VPC1967.72 1716.73 33012.99 34213.46 F10(M8)
DC2-500C2500C10/1.80VPC2419.49 1716.73 33012.99 34213.46 F10(M8)
DC2-600C2600C10/1.80VPC28511.22 1716.73 33012.99 34213.46 F10(M8)
DC2-800C2800C10/1.80VPC38315.08 1716.73 33012.99 34213.46 F10(M8)
DC2-1000C21000C10/1.80VPC47118.54 1716.73 33012.99 34213.46 F10(M8)
DC2-1500C21500C10/1.80VPC35513.98 33713.27 33012.99 34213.46 F10(M8)
DC2-2000C22000C10/1.80VPC47618.74 33713.27 33012.99 34213.46 F10(M8)
DC2-3000C23000C10/1.80VPC69627.40 34013.39 33012.99 34213.46 F10(M8)