What are the disadvantages to the battery?

Answer: There are many unfavorable factors to the battery, which mainly occur during the charge and discharge stage.

1. The "second super" discharge phase is mainly the discharge current overvalue, that is, the discharge exceeds the allowable current value for a long time; the second problem of discharge is overdischarge, that is, exceeding the allowed discharge amount of the battery, called "second super", which is very harmful to the battery life .

2. The charging stages of "two passes" and "two owes" are "two passes" and "two owes".

(1) "Two passes": One pass is overcharging; one pass is lead-acid batteries that have been stored for an extended period of time without being used, and are replenished from time to time.

(2) "Two shortfalls": One shortfall is due to undercharging of lead-acid batteries. The batteries are often not fully charged, and the plates cannot be restored in time after vulcanization, which is extremely taboo for lead-acid batteries; The underbalance between them causes the difference between the discharge level and the charge level of each single battery in a group of batteries to widen, the more the undercharge becomes the more undercharge and the overdischarge becomes the more overdischarge. Affect the life of the entire battery pack, but also increase their own economic expenses.

"Two passes" and "two owes" are the enemies of the battery, not to be underestimated. However, the "two passes" and "two owes" are caused by people themselves, and the problems are more complicated. There are many reasons, from selection, maintenance, reasonableness of the matching of controllers and chargers, and timely causes of battery failure Detection, etc., they are interconnected.