Ritar Power won the "Best UPS Energy Storage System Solution Award"

From April 24-26, the Ninth China International Energy Storage Conference, hosted by the Energy Storage Application Branch of the China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association, was held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.

Ritar Power won the "Best UPS Energy Storage System Solution Award" at the award ceremony of the event on the evening of April 24, for its industry-leading technology and superior product solutions.

 瑞达电源荣获“最佳UPS储能系统解决方案奖”(图1) 瑞达电源荣获“最佳UPS储能系统解决方案奖”(图2)

     At this energy storage conference, Ritar showcased its latest energy storage batteries such as lead-carbon, deep-cycle gel and UPS energy storage system solutions, which aroused great interest of many professionals  in the industry. Ritar power product quality and system solutions were highly appreciated.



The domestic energy storage market is advancing steadily. As a leader in domestic energy storage batteries, Ritar Power continues to develop and innovate in this emerging industry. The "Best UPS Energy Storage System Solution Award" for the energy storage industry in 2019 is an affirmation and encouragement to Ritar. In the future, Ritar Power will continue to adhere to technological innovation, provide customers with high-quality products and services, and contribute to the development of China's energy storage industry.


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Ritar Power is a subsidiary of Ritar International Group. The group was established in June 2002 and is headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong. It currently has more than 6,000 employees and annual sales of more than 8 billion yuan. The group has a number of subsidiaries including Shenzhen Ritar, Shenzhen RBD, Dongguan RLD, Hengyang Ritar,  Vietnam Ritar and other subsidiaries. At present, there are 2 domestic and foreign listed companies, and another 1 is in line for listing.

Take root in Hengyang and solve the supply of raw materials

When Ritar Power came to Hengyang, it set up a complementary wind-street lamp at the door of the factory, and determined to become a benchmark for new energy, because Ritar Power's main product is also the core component of this kind of street lamp-the battery. The electricity generated by wind and solar energy is stored in the battery in the power supply box. At night, it can be powered by an induction system to continuously provide clean energy for street lighting. This system uses Ritar DG series batteries. It can still work normally for more than 8 years.

 瑞达电源荣获“最佳UPS储能系统解决方案奖”(图4) 瑞达电源荣获“最佳UPS储能系统解决方案奖”(图5)


The electrode plate is the core material of the lead-acid battery, which accounts for about 60% of the battery cost. The electrode plate formula and the electrode plate production process are one of the core capabilities of Ritar Power. Ritar has dozens of related patents to meet the needs of different markets. The main material for producing pole plates is lead. The so-called Hunan Hengyang builds a plate production base.

Technological innovation and wider application fields

Ritar Power is mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of environmentally-friendly sealed lead-acid batteries. Its batteries are mainly used in uninterruptible power systems, communication backup systems, solar wind energy storage, high-end venue electric vehicles and other fields. Ritar has developed from a traditional UPS (uninterruptible power system) battery manufacturer to a full range of new energy storage system battery manufacturer and service provider.

Through continuous technological innovation and years of accumulation, Ritar Power has developed corresponding energy storage systems (outdoor power systems, photovoltaic / gasoline hybrid systems, power station systems, wind-solar hybrid power generation systems, independent photovoltaic systems), and power systems (electric Special vehicle system solutions, electric motorcycle system solutions, electric vehicle systems, electric bicycle systems) and communication systems (rectifier cabinets, vehicle emergency systems, CNC power systems, UPS systems) and other system solutions.

Benefiting from the rapid development of wind energy, solar energy, nuclear energy and other new energy and energy storage industries, energy storage batteries have ushered in a blowout development period. Ritar Power has precisely spotted such market opportunities and continuously enhanced its energy storage battery business. Stand out from other projects and win the favor of many overseas customers.

Product is king, inject vitality into the market

Lead-carbon battery is a new type of capacitor type lead-acid battery developed by using modern advanced technology. Ritar Power uses a patented process and formula, and adds a certain amount of graphene to the negative plate, so that the battery can effectively display the instantaneous high current of the super capacitor. The advantages of charge and discharge, meanwhile, it can also effectively inhibit the sulfation of the negative electrode, and effectively improve the cycle life of the battery. The product has many advantages such as safety and reliability, small internal resistance, high specific energy, high sealed response efficiency, and support for fast charging. Compared with traditional VRLA batteries, the cycle life is increased by 9 times and the charge acceptance capacity has been greatly improved. It has been widely used in solar / wind energy systems, power systems, communication systems, mobile communication base stations, navigation systems, radio broadcasting systems, emergency lighting systems, railways, automatic control equipment, etc.

As the earliest manufacturer of nano-gel batteries in China, Ritar Power has been ranked top in domestic exports for many years. Although the price is 20% -50% higher than ordinary lead-acid batteries, due to its excellent performance, domestic and foreign communications Market, new energy, and household energy storage still have strong supply and demand for nano-gel battery products. At the same time, due to strong market demand, in the field of 12V tubular gel, regardless of the number of specifications and advanced technology, it is leading the industry.



Through continuous introduction and development of advanced technologies and processes, and the adoption of world-leading production equipment and testing methods, all performance and technical indicators of the batteries developed have reached and exceeded international standards, and more than 90 national patent technologies have been obtained. Passed UL certification in the US, CE certification in Europe and ISO9001 quality system certification. The certificate was issued by the world-famous Norwegian Class Meter (DNV) company. The products far exceed the requirements of JIS and GB standards.

In addition, Ritar Power has strong technical and product advantages in the field of solar energy and wind energy storage. It is one of the few domestic companies that can provide deep cycle batteries, deep cycle gel batteries, 2V / 12V tube gel batteries, rich liquid OPzS batteries; Lead-acid battery supplier of a full range of lead-carbon battery and cloud battery solutions.

 According to Liu Zhaoyong, chief engineer of Ritar Power, new energy batteries have higher requirements for battery performance. On the one hand, solar and wind power generation, current is unstable, the battery internal resistance is required to be small, and the charging rate is high; on the other hand, new energy batteries are mostly used outdoors. The working environment is worse, and the replacement is inconvenient, which requires the battery to have good stability and long life. Nano gel batteries and lead-carbon battery technologies meet these two requirements from different perspectives. Compared with ordinary lead-acid batteries, they have many advantages such as long life, high and low temperature resistance, and high reliability, and represent the future development direction of lead-acid batteries.

 In the past few years, Ritar Power has continuously strengthened product innovation and market development, and its overall performance has achieved rapid growth. Among them, 80% are exported abroad, including North America, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, and African markets, of which nearly 50% are sold to Europe and the United States. In the national market, many international top power companies and Internet companies are using Ritar batteries. In the lead-acid battery industry, Ritar Power has gradually entered the leading position.